North Jenkins

Male1-NorthJenkinsName:  North Jenkins
Age:  37
Pack:  Grizzly

  • Eyes:  Grey
  • Hair:  Dark blond
  • Height:  6′ 6″
  • Weight:  320 lbs
  • Body:  Broad shoulders, muscular, 2% body fat


Hiking the various trails around Shifter Falls is one of my favorite past times along with skiing the trails and mountains. In summer I love to be out of doors as much as possible so camping is big for me. Although I never discount a night around the fireplace in my home reading a good book, or even watching a comedic movie.


I own a little company that does adventure trips for tourists, and locals of course. Our biggest draws are the weekend trips to the falls the town is named after. Two days and two nights out in nature with that naturally created beauty close enough to reach out and touch it at a moment’s notice will recharge anyone who needs it.


I have two nieces that I occasionally take off their parents hands for a night or two whenever my schedule permits. They are little scamps but I adore them. They even have a room at my house that is all theirs, and decorated per their very detailed specifications. I will admit we can get a little rambunctious when I have them over, but I’m their uncle and it’s in the job description to spoil them silly.

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