Malachi Ellis

Male2-MalachiEllisName:  Malachi Ellis
Age:  33
Pack:  Wolf

  • Eyes:  Brown-green hazel
  • Hair:  Brown
  • Height:  6′ 1″
  • Weight:  260 lbs
  • Body:  Narrow frame, muscular in a lithe form, tanned all over


I spend most of my downtime doing several things, but the main ones are puttering around on an old motorcycle I bought several years back that I’m restoring and also working out. With my job I need to be in good shape so the work outs are pretty much mandatory.


I work for a moving company, lots of lifting and the like. We do the standard moves, but also go in to relocate furniture for renovations and the like, whether to other rooms or into storage it doesn’t matter. It may not be my dream job, but that’s why I’m taking online courses. I’m currently working on my bachelor degree in business. Hoping to have that completed in about a year if I’m lucky.


Not really sure what to put in here. I suppose I should mention that I do spend my Sunday afternoons at my mothers house. She’s a widow and her health has never been the best. I do the odd jobs around the place to keep it solid around her, and we usually have a good old fashioned Sunday dinner with all the fixings, after which we usually watch whatever football game might be on during the season. Mom’s a big football fan, loves the 49ers – hate to tell her I’m more a Bronco’s fan. Sorry mom.

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