Andon Hartell


Name:  Andon Hartell
Age:  36
Pack:  Tiger

  • Eyes:  Brown
  • Hair:  Dirty blond
  • Height:  6′ 2″
  • Weight:  280 lbs
  • Body:  Narrow frame, swimmers form, light musculature


It might not seem that strange given I’m a tiger shifter and the whole “cat” bit, but I have always had a fascination with birds. There are a number in Wyoming that are quite lovely. I have also done quite a bit of traveling through the years, some for my job, and the rest for myself where I’ve specifically chosen places I can do bird watching of species I wouldn’t otherwise ever see. I also enjoy movies. Mostly I prefer the older classics, black and white but the first Technicolor ones also hold a certain appeal. Not saying I don’t like the latest and greatest out of Hollywood, because that would be a lie, but if I have my choice I lean towards the classics.


I work for a pharmaceutical company as one of their representatives. Mostly it is going to talk with doctors about the latest breakthroughs in drug therapy, and giving out free samples to them all. Pretty boring for the most part but it does allow for travelling around the country and the occasional overseas junket to do conferences in other countries. Those are always fun I have to say.


Both my parents are alive and well, retired. My father was a construction worker for thirty-two years, and my mother was a teacher for twenty years before she went into semi-retirement for the next fifteen doing the occasional substitution but mainly tutoring. I have one older brother, he lives in San Diego with his wife, and two sons. I also have a younger sister, the baby of the family, who is newly engaged and planning her wedding. I love her, but if she thinks I’m wearing what she wants me to wear for this thing I might have to ship her off to some island somewhere.

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