From our Founder

My Shifter Falls Story & Site History

Here is the simple truth. When I came to Shifter Falls, Wyoming I was looking for some time to recover from not only the massive failure in my career, but also in my love life. What I ended up finding here was much more than I could have ever hoped for.

Shifter Falls is one of those rare and wild places where dreams really can come true. There is only one small thing “wrong” with Shifter Falls. And by “wrong” I mean out of place, a universal injustice if you will. Which is why I started the site you see before you now.

Shifter Falls is a place where you can come visit and there is always something to do. In winter there is snowmobiling, skiing (downhill or cross country), and let’s not forget the Winter Festival they hold each year for everyone – residents and visitors. In spring, summer and fall, anything you can dream up you pretty much can do here. The only thing I found out of place here was the inordinate number of huge, brooding, dark, and deliciously sexy shifters. Yep, you read that right. There are so many male shifters around these parts that you could quite literally throw a stone and your odds of not hitting one is higher than your odds of winning a lottery.

Before you ask – THIS IS NOT A BAD THING!

Trust me, this could well be a fabulously amazing thing … for the right woman.

I mention this at this point because these males are all the alpha, brooding, and sexy as hell types. They all look like they stepped straight out of a fashion magazine and will make more than your heart melt. There is a downside like with everything, they all have their own quirks and foibles that will test your sanity enough you may give into the urge to bean them. Been there, done that, and my own poor mate got a tree branch upside his head for being a smart ass at the wrong. Damn. TIME!

He did apologize I should mention, and I did as well. I do love my silly bear, even when he is being a bit of a turd about things like my safety at times. These males are extremely protective and can be mildly to seriously overbearing at all hours.

Sorry, getting a little off track. Back to the here and now…

Please feel free to look through the site, but understand that the men, and women on this site are all individuals who are looking for their own Happily Ever After. They each want to experience, and live with the love that I myself have found with my mate, and as many other shifters have found in Shifter Falls. Keep that in mind when you are considering making contact with them, they have all done casual and are now seriously looking for more.

Last thing before I let you get to it. I spent several weeks working with a number of other match makers, and their site programmers to create the algorithms that run behind the scenes on this site. While they are by no means perfect, and don’t take into account your own personal visceral reactions to the individuals, they are here to help guide you to the best possible match you can find.

I only mention this because I not only want to help each individual with a profile on the site find their forever love, but also because I want you the user to be happy too. Remember, contact them only if you truly want FOREVER, because for them there is no divorce, no separation, and no one other than the one who holds their hearts.

All my love,
Ophelia Lambros-Morris Founder