Quinn Ash


Name:  Quinn Ash
Age:  28
Race: Human


  • Eyes:  Hazel, blue around the outside and green on the inside
  • Hair:  Short, dark black hair
  • Height:  5′ 2″
  • Weight:  160 lbs
  • Body:  plus sized, full size DDD breasts, wide hips, narrow face and curves for miles


As a teacher I’m always looking for ways to make learning fun. I’m the first to try out the experiments that I do with my class. 


I teach sixth grade. To me this is one of the hardest grades because its a transition period between elementary (early childhood) and junior high school (pre-teen angst). 


I don’t talk about my past, its something that should never come up. Needless to say I’m an orphan with no siblings and what you get is me, only me. 

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