Alaska Ceridwen


Name:  Alaska Ceridwen
Age:  24
Race: Witch
Coven:  Moon Goddesses


  • Eyes:  Deep vivid blue – almost electrical
  • Hair:  Long, dark blond
  • Height:  5′ 5″
  • Weight:  180 lbs
  • Body:  plus sized, full size DDD breasts, wide hips, round face and curves for miles


Baking, trying new receipes, finding new and interesting ways to use the flora and fauna surrounding Shifter Falls. It’s really amazing some of the delicious tasting flowers that grow in our little town.


I own the only bakery in Shifter Falls, Sprinkles on Top, and I love what I do. I’m a big girl who has real curves and baking helps feed my addiction to my curves.


I am a witch, a fairly powerful one. I hold our covens grimoire and when called upon will do spells, but I would prefer to bake. I don’t have much of a life because let’s face it, I’m a plus size girl in a world where skinny is the in thing. I was born in Alaska, hence my name. My mother was the Coven Mistress where we lived but then polar bears attacked and killed my entire family and coven. I got away but only because I was off in Anchorage getting supplies for the families Full Moon celebration. So I guess that I do at times have trust issues, but I am worth it and I know I am. I won’t settle for anything other than having someone to love me.

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