We would like to welcome you to Shifters Match, the only place to meet the perfect match for you in Shifter Falls, WY. Unlike many other dating sites out there we here at Shifters Match are specifically geared to the needs, wants, and desires of the discerning individual looking for a connection deeper than anything you have known before.

Everyone must read through our Code of Conduct page to ensure we are all abiding by the same guidelines while using the site. Only those living within Shifter Falls, or the immediate surrounding area, are permitted to set up an account with us at Shifters Match. Each application will be vetted, and verified before you are permitted access beyond the Home page, Code of Conduct page, or the Contact Form page. Anyone found to be disregarding the terms of our site shall be summarily removed and not permitted to set up a new account.

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If you have been granted access to the Shifters Match site by having your application approved, please read the page From our Founder. This will provide you with a bit of history, and other useful information to ease your way through the process. This page, and the pages with our clients are restricted to only those with an approved account on the site, do not share your passwords with anyone at any time.

All visitors, and members must be 18 years of age to use our site. We take it under good faith that you, the user, is the age you claim to be when setting up your profile. Site use is restricted to Shifter Falls, WY and immediate surrounding area. No applications with addresses outside of the designated zone will be permitted at this time.